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How to Set up an SSTP Server on Linux

This tutorial is a guide on how to configure a Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) VPN server on Linux using SoftEther VPN Server, an open-source and freeware cross-platform multi-protocol VPN implementation. It covers the installation and configuration of SoftEther VPN on Linux, including software requirements, downloading, compiling the server, and its verification.

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Resume Copying Files in Linux

Copying files between Linux machines can get interrupted. SCP is not usually able to resume a stalled copy. We look at some alternatives for file copying and how to kick start SCP.

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Find Files Lacking Certain Permissions

While the find command can help us find files by types and permissions they possess, sometimes we need to look for files which are missing certain permissions. We look at how to achieve this in a couple of different ways.

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Flow Control in Bash Without Goto

Bash provides several ways to manage flow control in a script, but it does not natively provide a goto statement. We look at how to simulate goto and how to use the other built in flow control techniques

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