1. Introduction

Album covers are an important aspect of the music experience. They provide a visual representation of the music and can serve as a way to identify the album and artist. Audio files in the popular MP3 format often contain information about the album, including the album cover. In Linux, it is possible to extract this album cover and save it as an image file.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss extracting the album cover from an audio file in Linux using the command line.

2. Prerequisites:

Before we get started, make sure that we have the following prerequisites met:

  • An audio file in the MP3 format
  • The EyeD3 command line tool

The EyeD3 command line tool is a popular tool used to manipulate MP3 files in Linux. We can install it by running the following command in a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install eyeD3

If we use a different Linux distribution, we may need to use a different package manager to install EyeD3.

3. Extracting the Album Cover

To extract the album cover from an audio file in Linux:

$ eyeD3 --write-images=./ myfile.mp3
EyeD3 v0.9.5 (http://eyed3.nicfit.net/)

Writing: myfile.jpg

If the audio file contains an album cover, EyeD3 will extract it and save it as a file with the same name as the audio file but with a .jpg extension. For example, if the audio file is named myfile.mp3, the album cover will be saved as myfile.jpg.

4. Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed how to extract the album cover from an audio file in Linux using the EyeD3 command line tool. With this knowledge, we can easily extract album covers from our audio files and save them as images. This can be useful for organizing our music collection and adding a visual representation to our music.

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