The Baeldung Weekly Review 40

Some solid articles this week, on code coverage (being a useless metric), interesting JSON Patch Spring experiments and a new installment in the Chess TDD Series. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 38

Quick and to the point review this week – a solid JUnit tutorial series, a great article on persistence – specifically on long update operations and one my favorite XKCD series. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 36

An interesting Java focused week, as well as a few Spring announcement and a lot of talk around persistence in general and Hibernate in particular. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 35

Spring 4.1 is out this week, along with some cool predictions of the next Java Random and some pragmatic musings about testing and goal setting. A good week all in all. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 34

This week we’re looking at Spring Boot articles, some solid insights into learning and staying relevant as an engineer and of course – XKCD genius. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 32

Solid week with the new RC2 of Spring 4.1, the Chess TDD series final post and a fantastic writeup on what it means to implement microservices as a team. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 31

An interesting week – a Java bug got out and got contained, some cool Spring apps are being build and a quick solution to an interview problem that can fit in a tweet. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 26

Java modularity is getting some attention this week, along with a very pragmatic alternative to the “Big Rewrite” of a software system – definitely a good week. >>>