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At the very beginning of 2014 I decided to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung.

Here we go…

1. Spring

Let’s star the review with some exciting news – lots of Spring releases this week:

And of course, a few more recordings from SpringOne – most about Spring XD:

>> Spring Data JPA Tutorial: Getting the Required Dependencies

A very helpful and to the point post on putting together the right Maven dependencies to use Spring Data JPA.

>> Creating a REST API with Spring Boot and MongoDB

And a solid intro to build a REST API with Boot and MongoDB.

>> Boot your own infrastructure – Extending Spring Boot in five steps

A detailed, infrastructure level article on building your own Spring Boot Starter, if you can’t find an existing one that already covers your needs. And who knows – perhaps it will someday became official.

>> Avoid conditional logic in @Configuration

When @Profile was introduced in Spring, it had quite an effect on the way we could control our configuration. We could do things with profiles that simply weren’t possible before, at least not cleanly – which is ultimately what you’re looking for in a good abstraction.

Spring 4.0 improved on @Profile by introducing @Conditional – a next level of abstraction annotation that basically allow you to control your configuration based on any number of conditions, not just profiles.

This piece goes into some detail on how to use these conditional annotations that Spring Boot makes available.

2. Java

>> What might a Beans v2.0 spec contain?

A cool though experiment on what would make sense in a new Java Beans 2.0 spec. But more than just that – an actual, early implementation you can check out (and contribute to).

>> On heap vs off heap memory usage

Off heap memory for the JVM is one of those things you read about but may never actually use. Even so, this is a piece I enjoyed reading.

>> Don’t be “Clever”: The Double Curly Braces Anti Pattern

An oldie but a goodie – the double curly braces instantiation. Yeah – not a good idea.

>> The downside of version-less optimistic locking

An article on version-less optimistic locking – a cool Hibernate feature I didn’t know about.

>> Replacing Throwing Exceptions with Notification in Validations

A must read on handling validation properly and how to refactor your way to a better notification based solution.

>> Elasticsearch tips: inserting vs. updating your index

I’ve been using a lot of Elasticsearch lately and this was helpful.

3. Technical and Musings

>> Chris Richardson Discusses CQRS and Event Sourcing via Docker

A very articulate and engaging 15 minute interview with Chris Richardson on CQRS architecture.

If you’re building micro-services (or thinking about it) – CQRS and Event Sourcing are a solid way to go.

>> Flexibility vs Simplicity? Why Not Both?

Pragmatic piece on being critical and reevaluating your beliefs, even (or especially) the industry accepted ones you previously took for granted. A better way may be available if you just look at the problem differently.

4. Comics

All in with Dilbert this week:

>> Hunt Down and Kill Our Data

>> Made Up Numbers

>> Reinstall your OS

5. Pick of the Week

I recently introduced the “Pick of the Week” section here in my “Weekly Review”. If you’re already on my email list – you got the pick already – hope you enjoyed it.

If not – you can share the review and unlock it right here:

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>> The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Arguably one of the more influential pieces of writing by Eric S. Raymond, and a fascinating read. Here’s a prettier version if you the original XHTML is to clean 🙂


Course – LS – All

Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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