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1. Spring and Java

>> Writing Custom Web Element Actions With TestProject []

While web actions can access the entire DOM, which isn't always desired, web element actions allow you to narrow your test scope to a specific root element – like a Kendo UI grid – and its children.

>> Exercises in Programming Style with Hazelcast []

A quick introduction to the Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid API.

>> How to write a compact DTO projection query with JPA []

And a custom Hibernate Integrator that lets you use simple Java class names rather than fully qualified ones in DTO projections.


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2. Technical and Musing

>> Remote Log Collection on Windows []

A comprehensive guide to accessing the Windows Event Log facility remotely.

>> API management with Kong – an update and more []

And a new series on the Kong API Gateway kicks off with a look at the Kong Admin API.


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3. Comics

>> More Communication, Fewer Distractions []

>> Dogbert's Password Recovery Service []

>> Are There Any Questions? []

4. Pick of the Week

I'm running the annual “State of Java” Survey.

As always, I'm keeping the survey quick and focused – it takes litteraly under 1 minute to fill in.

If you haven't done that, definitely have a look:

>> The 2019 “State of Java” 1-minute Survey

Of course, I'll share the full results in a couple of weeks, after closing the survey. Thanks.

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