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Lots of interesting writeups on Java 9 this week.

Here we go…

1. Spring and Java

>> From Microservices to Distributed Systems – Survival guide for Java Developers []

Another solid way of doing a microservice implementation 🙂

>> What’s the Top Java Logging Method on GitHub? String Concatenation vs Parameterized Logging []

Should we parameterize or concatenate? As usual, the answer is “it depends”.

>> Deterministic Execution on the JVM []

A very interesting article exploring JVM determinism on the case study of the deterministic classloader – Corda.

>> The Future of Java in the Enterprise – InfoQ’s Opinion []

InfoQ are going over the JVM landscape and checking which technologies have already crossed the chasm 🙂

>> Should I Implement the Arcane Iterator.remove() Method? Yes You (Probably) Should []

Just in case, it’s better to not ignore the Iterator.remove() method.

>> Java Web Frameworks Index by RebelLabs []

The RebelLabs guys created a ranking of Java web frameworks by researching Stackoverflow, LinkedIn, Github, etc. Quite interesting data here.

>> The Dangers of Race Conditions in Five Minutes []

Revising basics and consequences of race conditions.

>> Lazy Computations in Java with a Lazy Type []

If you miss some tools in Java, you can always build it yourself. The article goes through a case study of the design and implementation of a Lazy type in Java.

>> Java 9 Will Adjust Memory Limits if Running with Docker []

The JVM is not aware of the fact that it is running in a container and it can cause multiple problems. Java 9 brings a solution for this problem.

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2. Technical

>> CockroachDB beta-20160829 []

A deep dive into the CockrockroachDB persistence guarantees.

This one, as many of the Jepsen articles – is an insightful read even if you’re not using CockroachDB (which you probably aren’t).

>> ElasticSearch API cheatsheet []

The most important ElasticSearch API operations in one place.

>> CQRS and Event Sourcing with Lagom []

And yet another approach to CQRS and Event Sourcing – this time with Lagom from Lightbend – the company behind Scala and Akka.

>> MariaDB Dialects []

A super short overview of MariaDB Dialects.

>> The MySQL Dialect refactoring []

And some very nice simplifications of dialects in Hibernate – and a good example of still evolving a mature framework.

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3. Musings

Also worth reading:

4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> The power will corrupt you in 3, 2, 1… []

>> Can I create my own job? []

>> No idea why he succeeded. []

5. Pick of the Week

>> One Thing []

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Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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