1. Spring and Java

>> Stream API Evolution: A Closer Look at JEP 461’s Stream Gatherers [infoq.com]

Meet Stream Gatherers: helping us to keep using Stream API for more complex intermediate operations

>> JDK 21: The GCs keep getting better [kstefanj.github.io]

Java GCs keep getting better and better: shorter pauses, use less memory and have better throughput than ever before

>> Uniform handling of failure in switch [inside.java]

And, a proposal for throws cases: handling exceptions as yet another path based on evaluating the selector in switch expressions

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Five Apache projects you probably didn’t know about [blog.frankel.ch]

Some lesser-known Apache projects for use cases like real-time data warehouse, API gateway, sharding sphere, and more.

>> Bliki: SoftwareAndEngineering [martinfowler.com]

Is software engineering really an engineering discipline? An interesting discussion and pointers for this controversial topic.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> You are never taught how to build quality software [florianbellmann.com]

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