I just announced the new Spring Boot 2 material, coming in REST With Spring:


At the very beginning of last year, I decided to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung. Haven’t missed a review since.

Here we go…

1. Spring and Java

>> Comment on the so-called security vulnerability in Apache Commons Collections [codecentric.de]

A good clarification of how the recently discussed serialization vulnerability works and why coding your inputs defensively is always a good idea.

>> JavaOne 2015 Keynotes (Part 2) [infoq.com]

Some very cook things coming down the pike for Java.

Also worth reading:

Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical

>> A day is not 60*60*24 seconds long [swizec.com]

A quick and interesting read about not working with dates driven by gut feeling. Dates are always tricky – use a proper library.

>> Injecting Dependencies, Partially Applying Functions, and It Really Doesn’t Matter [thecodewhisperer.com]

Always thought-provoking and always deep-diving into the finer points and nuances of test-driving and designing code.

>> A Problem With Convention-Over-Configuration [techblog.bozho.net]

The other side of convention over configuration.

Also worth reading:

3. Musings

>> Building Superior Code … Is It Achievable? [daedtech.com]

A good discussion started for the thorny problem of code quality.

>> Why I Chose Industry Over a Postdoc [pointersgonewild.com]

From the outside, this seems to be a pretty common experience in academia, unfortunately. An interesting read.

Also worth reading:

4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> It it working? Not even a little. [dilbert.com]

>> And we’re done [dilbert.com]

>> The company gym [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> An Open Letter To Speakers [scottberkun.com]


I just announced the new Spring Boot 2 material, coming in REST With Spring:


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