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1. Spring and Java

>> Running Single-file Programs without Compiling in Java 11 []

Starting with Java 11, we can now run single-file programs without all the hassle. How cool is that?

>> The Ultimate Guide to Java Stream API Collectors []

The title says all – a great resource explaining differences between various Stream API Collectors.

>> JEP 358: Helpful NullPointerExceptions []

The infamous NullPointerException will be getting more debuggable soon. Cool beans.

>> OpenJDK Project Valhalla Releases LW2 Prototype []

It's great to finally see Valhalla getting some traction.

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2. Technical and Musing

>> Updated Thoughts on Trust Scaling []

The risk of pulling in a dependency into your project is easy to overlook, but certainly a critical aspect to the security of your system. Not about Java, but it translates well, so it's well worth reading.

>> Evolution of Netflix Conductor []

Netflix projects always have a special place in my own work, so I generally try to stay informed of the work they're open-sourcing. Their official posts are a good way to do that.

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3. Comics

>> Introvert []

>> Support Optimist []

>> Awkward []

4. Pick of the Week

>> The Marks of a True Senior Developer []

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