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Here we go…

1. Spring and Java

>> Hiding Services & Runtime Discovery with Spring Cloud Gateway []

A solid, ready-to-run example using Spring Cloud's gateway and registry services. Good stuff.

>> Exercises in Programming Style: maps are objects too []

A functional solution to the word extraction problem seen previously in the series, this time using an immutable map in Kotlin.

>> Running Gradle inside Maven []

And although Gradle builds don't participate directly in the Maven reactor, you can execute a Gradle build within a multi-module Maven project with the right combination of plugins.

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Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical and Musing

>> How to use S3 POST signed URLs []

An overview of how to use POST URLs to get around the shortcomings of their PUT counterparts.

>> Moving Control to the Endpoints []

And a look at the obstacles standing in the way of wider adoption of encrypted DNS solutions.

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3. Comics

>> Measuring Excellence []

>> When Wally Is Busy []

>> Zombie Projects []

4. Pick of the Week

A cool writeup from Datadog focused on how to how to actually get your log data processed:

>> How to collect, customize, and standardize Java logs []


If you've ever worked on any sufficiently large application, you know all too well that's not a trivial task.

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