1. Java and Spring

>> Project Jigsaw: Phase Two

Mark Reinhold has just announced what’s next for the JDK 9 Java module system. Looks like a more decent plan than the first go-round – taking bite sized chunks and integrating them into the platform one after the other, rather than one big change. Fingers crossed.

>> Hibernate and UUID identifiers

Really useful and detailed look at Hibernate UUIDs – although I’ve been working with these little identifiers for years and years, I still learned a lot from this one. I also like the crowd sourced way to double check info and get advice.

>> Spring 4: CGLIB-based proxy classes with no default constructor

This is how Spring becomes easier – beans that are proxied with CGLIB used to require a default constructor – after Spring 4 they don’t any more. So – construction injection is now possible for these beans as well – which makes testing them a lot easier.

>> Flexibility with Spring’s cache abstraction

Practical illustration of the Caching in Spring – cool use of @Profile to transparently switch between two different cache providers (in this case Hazelcast and Ehcache). Cool beans.

And finally – some official Spring stuff that I took note of this week:

2. Technical

>> You Probably Don’t Need a Message Queue

I couldn’t agree more, both with this specifically but also with the broader statement: “You Probably Don’t Need X“, where X can be any number of things. Complexity is a sneaky thing and you need to be ruthless when architecting your systems. And adding in a MQ is probably – nine times out of ten – a premature optimization and the wrong move.

And so we have our article of the week – go read this one – twice.

>> Microservices Are SOLID

An interesting read about microservices from the point of view of the SOLID principles.

3. Musings

>> Personal Meditations on Software

Good food for thought – it’s a quick read, so you have no excuse 🙂

>> What not to do during an interview

A good guide for interviewing – a few interesting tidbits in there that I wish I read (and internalized) 8 years ago 🙂

>> StranglerApplication

This one struck a chord with me – as I was involved in two “Big Rewrites” until now and both times we should have at least tried to leverage this approach rather than actually re-writing the system. Save yourself the hassle of going down that particular rabbit hole and go read this one.

>> P, NP And Decision Problems (Really, It’s Not that Bad)

An off the cuff intro to algorithmic complexity and P vs NP. Nice read – brings back fun memories of school.

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