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1. Spring and Java

>> Brian Goetz Speaks to InfoQ about Proposed Hyphenated Keywords in Java []

As Java continues to evolve, we may soon see hyphenated keywords, like the recently proposed (but later dropped) break-with.

>> 5 minutes or less: Jakarta JSON Binding with Apache Johnzon []

And a quick overview of JSON-B, yet another JSON binding layer for Java.

>> How to write JPA Criteria API queries using Codota (video) []

It's cool to see Codota popping up in other writings I follow. The IDE plugin for IntelliJ and Eclipse takes some of the pain out of writing JPA criteria queries.

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2. Technical and Musing

>> Hands-On Spark Intro: Cross Join Customers and Products with Business Logic []

Lessons learned implementing large cross joins in a Spark application.

>> Those Who Can’t, Sell Tutorials on How You Can []

Before buying into someone else's blueprint for success, it's good to remember that context is still king. What worked for them may not be the complete and tidy solution you're looking for.

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3. Comics

>> Opinionated Old Guy []

>> Employee Engagement Survey []

>> Circular Debating []

4. Pick of the Week

>> Good Engineering Practices while Working Solo []

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