1. Spring and Java

>> Getting Started With RSocket: Spring Boot Request-Stream [spring.io]

A quick example of client-side and server-side data streaming with the RSocket protocol.

>> Your own Kubernetes controller – Developing in Java [blog.frankel.ch]

A nice intro to the Fabric8 Java API for monitoring and managing state in a Kubernetes cluster.

>> Implementing DDD Building Blocks in Java [olivergierke.de]

And a collection of DDD design challenges when mapping a domain model to persistence technology like JPA.

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Webinars and presentations:

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2. Technical and Musings

>> How to do effective video calls [martinfowler.com]

A handful of best practices and etiquette tips for collaborating over video meetings.

Also worth reading:

3. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Transfer Money To The Rich [dilbert.com]

>> Platinum Level Service [dilbert.com]

>> Time Stands Still [dilbert.com]

4. Pick of the Week

>> The Attention Diet [markmanson.net]

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