1. Spring and Java

>> Throughput Analysis of Safepoint-attached Barriers in a Low-latency Garbage Collector [inside.java]

Let’s see how we can increase the throughput of a GC algorithm by reducing the number of barriers used.

>> Writing a Profiler in 240 Lines of Pure Java [foojay.io]

Demystifying the internal details of profilers by writing a profiler in Java from scratch in 240 lines!

>> Rapid Startup of Your Cloud-Native Java Applications Without Compromise [infoq.com]

And meet Open Liberty’s InstantOn: a checkpoint-restore approach to enhance the startup speed of JVM applications. Interesting.

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Kubernetes Validating Admission Policies: A Practical Example [kubernetes.io]

A practical example of how we can use admission policies to validate objects/resources passed to K8S’s API server.

>> Application development with large language models [krasserm.github.io]

Turning the user input in the form of natural language into a series of tasks that we can execute.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> Programmer Interrupted: The Real Cost of Interruption and Context Switching [contextkeeper.io]

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