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1. Spring and Java

>> The Complete Guide to the Java SE 12 Extended Switch Statement/Expression []

A comprehensive write-up on the new syntax and semantics of the switch statement, plus updates regarding Project Amber and pattern-matching.

>> JDK 9/JEP 280: String Concatenations Will Never Be the Same []

A quick discussion of the bytecode used to make String concatenation via the ‘+' operator more efficient. Very cool.

>> Improving build times with Gradle build scans []

A deep dive into how the Gradle daemon and Build Cache impact build times.

>> How to map a String JPA property to a JSON column using Hibernate []

And a brief look at the use of JsonBinaryType from the hibernate-types framework with PostgreSQL's jsonb data type.

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2. Technical and Musings

>> Overcoming RESTlessness []

A reflection on why we should leverage the maturity of the REST ecosystem with newer protocols like GraphQL, gRPC, and Apache Kafka.

>> Engineering to Improve Marketing Effectiveness (Part 3) — Scaling Paid Media campaigns []

A fascinating piece about Netflix's architecture for campaign management and ad budget optimization systems.

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3. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Tweaking Variables []

>> Dilbert Dooms the Planet []

>> Take the Stairs []

4. Pick of the Week

After two years of focusing on just the existing courses, I'm finally announcing a new course.

If you're focused on the foundations of Spring, have a look at the new course (along with the upcoming price change):

>> The upcoming new Learn Spring

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