1. Java and Spring

>> Java 8 Friday: The Best Java 8 Resources – Your Weekend is Booked

I’m kicking of this weeks review with … wait for it … a list of resources (how meta). It’s a good one though, so I have no hesitation putting at the top – enjoy.

Does the fact that this blog is also in there create a Stack Overflow? Geeky joke, I know – but if not here, where?

>> Eclipse 4.4 Luna has risen!

It’s that time of year – the launch of the new Eclipse.

Personally I didn’t like the 4.x Eclipse releases of recent years (I’ve been using STS built on top of 3.8.x and IDEA) – but the bugs that I filed for 4.x when it first came out seem to have been slowly resolved – so I’m giving the new one a try on my main environment. I want to like it – I really hope I won’t be disappointed

>> Java 8 Support, Top Eclipse Luna Feature

And since we’re on the subject – if you don’t have the Java 8 support in your IDE – here’s a quick writeup of how it looks.

>> Retiring the forum.spring.io website

The Spring Forum is moving to StackOverflow – now that’s news. It looks like a good move for the community, since SO has fine tuned the UX aspect that is somewhat lacking on a simple forum.

>> Introducing the Spring IO Platform

This has been a long time coming – a coherent approach to dependency management in Spring. Looks very promising, and also looks like I need to play with it this weekend.

Finally – some Spring related recordings (I haven’t watched all of these myself yet):

2. Technical

>> CanaryRelease

Good strategy for gradually rolling out changes to a subset of users before flipping the switch for your entire user base.

>> Stop Unit Testing Database Code

After spending years heavily testing database code, I slowly moved away from that, so when I read: instead, focus on writing integration tests that test your business logic on a very high level – it resonates. Lot of good takeaways in this piece.

>> TDD Chess Game Part 8: Hail to the King

The TDD series is still going strong; I wrote extensively about it before in previous weekly reviews, but if haven’t read those – here’s the gist: go watch it!

3. Musings

>> How to Handle Incompetence?

An interesting read, harkening back to the Expert Beginner series.

Course – LS – All

Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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