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1. Spring and Java

>> Oracle Presents First Proposal for Value Types Implementation []

The value types proposal is being approached in a gradual, intelligent manner – first the JVM support and then the actual language support.

>> A beginner’s guide to SQL injection and how you should prevent it []

A monster writeup about Hibernate, SQL injection, and staying clear of it.

So many of the huge data breaches this year have been SQL injection attacks – it’s definitely worth learning more about the technique.

>> Add Stormpath to Your JHipster Application []

A quick and interesting integration.

>> Inside Java 9 – Performance, Compiler, and More []

A deep-dive into the JVM internals coming in Java 9, and a discussion of the various optimizations that are being developed in the new release.

>> Meet Thorben Janssen []

A quick discussion about Hibernate and building a training business and the future of the framework.

>> How Java developers can use the Wiremock framework to simulate HTTP-based APIs []

A good, simple intro to Wiremock.

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Webinars and presentations:

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2. Technical and Musings

>> Ubiquiti all the things: how I finally fixed my dodgy wifi []

Hmm, makes me reconsider my home setup. If you’re a gear nut like me, you’re going to enjoy this one.

>> Be Careful About What You Dislike []

Interesting points about forming and cementing opinions, especially around tech.

>> From Developer to Consultant []

An interesting read about the lay of the land for developers that want to do higher leverage work.

>> Negotiating for time []

Great advice for the final stretch of the job hunting process. Keeping your cool, being open, enthusiastic but also in control – all good stuff.

>> The Developer Feedback Loop []

A shorter feedback look is the driving force behind oh-so many technologies and techniques we can now take for granted, such as TDD, CI, CD, etc.

Definitely worth keeping a close eye on what kind of feedback look we’re getting from our systems.

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3. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> People all over the word continued to act like idiots []

>> You picked a bad time to become insightful []

>> I’m willing to touch a rat that touches you []

4. Pick of the Week

>> Let Your Workers Rebel []

Course – LS – All

Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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