1. Spring and Java

>> Pattern match Optional in Java 21 [joda.org]

Exploring Optional Pattern Matching in Java 21: a deep dive into the latest features.

>> When should a compiler expand garbage collection barriers? [robcasloz.io]

Analyzing Compiler Strategies: determining the optimal expansion of garbage collection barriers. Quite technical but worth reading over the weekend.

>> Creating a REST API from an existing Database using Graal Cloud Native [oracle.com]

GraalVM Magic: crafting REST APIs from Databases in a Cloud-Native World

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2. Technical & Musings

>> PostgreSQL Performance Tuning Settings [vladmihalcea.com]

A comprehensive guide to PostgreSQL Performance Tuning and key settings. Interesting if you’re using PostgreSQL.

Also worth reading:

3. Pick of the Week

>> Move beyond GlassFish with Payara Server [payara.fish]

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