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Learn Spring Security Core

The definitive video guide to secure your Java application

Why Learn About Security?

Robust security for web applications is and has always been a must. But the security landscape has been changing rapidly over the last few years, with REST APIs becoming mainstream, single-page apps (SPAs), Access Control Lists, two-factor authentication (2FA) and so many other security requirements.
And the security market is huge - Gartner puts the numbers at 124 billion in 2019 on the way to 140+ billion now, in 2020. Security work to be done is, well, abundant and very well paid.

But, you do need a solid, deep understanding of the security landscape.

Why Spring Security?

Spring Security has been getting better as well, with the launch of 5.0, 5.1 and now 5.2, full Java configuration with lambdas, fantastic Boot integration, and support for pretty much any security mechanism you need.

Right now, in 2020, there's no debate. Spring Security is THE framework to properly and intelligently do security if you're working in Java.

The framework is fully able to handle everything you throw at it - from simple scenarios to highly complex security requirements. There are some OK alternatives, but nothing really comes close.

A Video Course is the best way you'll learn coding
and tactical know-how.

Learn Spring Security... Fast

I’ve created this course to help you get to a full security education quickly. That's the whole point in going through a course - it's the fast way to learn the material and give you the Spring Security tools you need to secure your system.

Each module contains exhaustive video lessons along with code, lesson notes and resources to help you put the framework to use immediately in your app. 

Each of the 3 classes features a different level of education: 

The Master Class

This is the full material - the comprehensive, start-to-finish path from starting out with security to a real-world, solid understanding of how to use Spring Security 5 in practice. 

The deep-dives focus on implementations such as a complete Two-Factor authentication solution, a full ACL system, Single Sign On, a ground-up registration mechanism, how to deal with various attack vectors - and many others.

The Certification Class

This class is simple - it contains the full material from the Master Class, plus downloads, extensive exercises and multiple-choice questions - to help you get the most out of the material.

When you're done, you're going to get a "Certificate of Completion" for the course. 

This is generally where professional developers find the greatest value.

The Coaching Class

This is where we go beyond the course material, with a year-long group Coaching Program - where I'll take a small group of students through both the course but also their own specific implementations. 

Past sessions and workshops are, of course, recorded and available. 

I've created the Master Class to be THE reference Spring Security educationif you're working with Java today

Why Learn From Me?

I'm Eugen, and I'll be your instructor through this course.

I’ve been teaching Spring Security quite extensively in my own consulting work for over a decade now. I've helped teams implement (most commonly re-implement) security in their systems over a ridiculous number of Spring versions. And I've been teaching security throughout most of that time.

The lessons here came out of that experience, with the core goal of showing you the ins and outs of the security framework, and give you a clear map of how to use it in practice (especially in the more advanced modules). 

To be clear - you can't get there by just watching videos - you'll need to code, along with me, through the material. The videos and the extensive exercises are your reference to come back to - whenever you need them.

The course is amazing. I'm not really a junior regarding the Spring framework.

I decided to go through all your materials, even the ones focused on beginners, though I’m not a beginner myself.

I try to apply what I’ve learned in live projects that I'm working on and improve my coding skills by using your course. The only problem that I have is time, but step by step I’m going through all your materials. Sometimes I only go through the lesson I need at that moment.

I recommend your course to anyone who might need it - my colleagues, friends, and fellow students. You did a great job with this course. Thank you for that!

- Alexandru-Bogdan Galusca, Software Engineer at Miracle A/S

This course, as I'm sure you're aware - is primarily focused on the core of Spring Security

If your core focus is OAuth, then definitely have a look at the "Learn Spring Security OAuth" course.