1. Spring and Java

>> Java 9 Will Change the Way You Traverse Stack Traces [takipi.com]

The upcoming Java release will feature a very interesting Stack-Walking API.

>> Feedback on Feeding Spring Boot metrics to Elasticsearch [frankel.ch]

A short tutorial explaining how to integrate Spring Boot metrics with Elasticsearch.

>> Java Enums to Be Enhanced with Sharper Type Support [infoq.com]

Java Enums will get some enhancements. Not in Java 9 though 🙂

>> The truth about Optional [insaneprogramming.be]

Optional is not a panacea. Use it where it was designed to be used.

>> Fixing Bugs in Running Java Code with Dynamic Attach [sitepoint.com]

About patching JVM applications on the fly 🙂

>> Why HTTP/2 with TLS is not supported properly in Java – And what you can do about it [vanwilgenburg.com]

An in-depth insight into a compatibility of TLS-enabled HTTP/2 and Java.

>> 2017 Predictions [adambien.blog]

Adam Bien's 11 predictions for 2017.

>> Staring Into My Java Crystal Ball [azul.com]

And another write-up focused on 2017, this time all about the upcoming Java releases.

>> The JVM is not that heavy [opensourcery.co.za]

Some actual numbers opposing the “JVM is too heavy” direction.

>> Jigsaw’s Missing Pieces [wildfly.org]

Notes from the Wildfly lead on the state of the Jigsaw implementation, and more importantly the gaps in that implementation.

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2. Technical

>> The Dark Path [cleancoder.com]

Uncle Bob's thoughts about features available in languages such as Kotlin or Swift.

>> Semantic Versioning is not enough [scottlogic.com]

A few thoughts about the flaws of Semantic Versioning.

>> Flexible group-based permissions management! [dynatrace.com]

This is supposed to be an internal update from Dynatrace.

Ignoring that aspect entirely – it's a solid, mature example of how a permission management UI can be implemented.

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3. Musings

>> If You Build It, They Won’t Come [daedtech.com]

Do not underestimate the power of the sales and marketing 🙂

>> Publicly Dogfooding Your Culture [zachholman.com]

A very interesting write-up about the importance of transparency when growing a company.

>> Choose wisely [ontestautomation.com]

A few thoughts about APIs and automated testing.

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4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> I'm your CEO, but I'm still like a regular person [dilbert.com]

>> It takes money to make money [dilbert.com]

>> This went differently than expected [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> Quitting something you love [sivers.org]

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