Your application stack is teeming with unused metadata that's trying to tell a story: things aren't humming along as well as they should be.

Exceptions thrown; database queries slowing; cache misses rising; upstream services flapping; errors logs growing. Each of these tells a part of the story, but it's hard to make sense of-or act on meaningfully-when taken separately from the others.

Datadog lets you collect all these metrics, events, and service states in one place. Then, visualize and correlate the data with beautiful graphs, and set flexible alerting conditions on it-all without running any storage or monitoring infrastructure yourself.

We’re Codota, based at the heart of Tel-Aviv. With so much code available today, we see a huge opportunity to help developers build software smarter and faster. We do that by learning models that reflect how great software is built, based on the analysis of all the code out there.

Codota gathers code from various sources, analyzes it, and provides code suggestions. It also completes lines of code based on millions of Java programs and your context. All that (and more) makes creating better software much easier and helps coders code faster and with fewer errors.

CUBA provides powerful full stack architecture along with RAD tools for easy start and fast development of modern business web applications on Java.

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