1. Spring and Java

>> Securing Spring Boot Applications With SSL [spring.io]

 Meet SSL bundles: securing REST services, embedded servers, and data service connections in Spring Boot 3.1. Good stuff.

>> Structured Concurrency in JDK 21: A Leap Forward in Concurrent Programming [infoq.com]

Making concurrent programming easier, more reliable, and more observable with another preview of Structured Concurrency in Java 21.

>> Nulls Against Collectors [4comprehension.com]

And evaluate different ways of collecting Streams into lists: supporting nulls, immutability, and conciseness. From one of our editors 🙂

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Playing with WASM on Docker [blog.frankel.ch]

The resurgence of write-once, run anywhere, this time, for containers and browsers — Running WASM on Docker.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> Software disenchantment [tonsky.me]

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