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1. Java

>> Java 8 LongAdders: The Right Way To Manage Concurrent Counters

These new concurrent counters have me giddy and excited – well researched, backed by real numbers and with the code on github – what more can you ask for?

>> Maven and Java multi-version modules

An interesting usecase with a Maven multi-module project that requires different minimal Java versions.

>> We’re Hacking JDBC, so You Don’t Have To

JDBC is indeed a simple API, but it can lead to Mordor-like unfriendly code – this article shows just a few of code samples of what that can look like. Here be dragons.

>> Clean Synchronization Using ReentrantLock and Lambdas

Interesting and in-depth analysis of using the ReentrantLock with JUnit and Mockito.

2. Spring

>> Cache Abstraction: JCache (JSR-107) Annotations Support

Very nice rundown of the JCache annotations as supported by Spring. Bookmark for later use.

>> Using jOOQ with Spring: CRUD

Petri’s third article in his Spring with jOOQ series – this one covers a meat of the CRUD application using a nice fluid builder for entities and joda-time to boot. I’ll be following this when I dig into jOOQ.

>> Spring MVC Test with Geb

The latest article about UI testing for Spring MVC – ties together the concepts from before elegantly with Groovy and Geb.

>> Spring test with thymeleaf for views

Practical article on how Thymeleaf improves the testability of Spring MVC views – we can now work with the actual view when testing, not just the name of a JSP.

3. Technical

>> The anatomy of Connection Pooling

The perfect intro to connection pooling – especially the part breaking down the low-level details of a connection, from the client level down to the database.

>> NCrunch and Continuous Testing: The Must-Have Setup

I’m not using C# or Visual Studio – however, this article is mainly about TDD and not so much about the specifics. Goes without saying that you should read this one…

4. Musings

>> How to be an open source gardener

An insightful and grounded article about what it really means to do work in an open source project – wholly recommended.

>> Letter to a Junior Designer

I am not a designer – not by a long shot, but this caught my eye and it turned out to be a timeless bundle of good advice that every developer should read.

>> Gervais / MacLeod

OK, this has been a long time coming – I read this brilliant analysis of the MacLeod hierarchy and the Gervais Principle while it was being written, and whatever I write here, trying to describe it in a few short lines isn’t going to do it justice. Be warned that it’s extremely long (26 parts) – in fact, I think it would make a fantastic book – and it’s absolutely worth reading. While this hasn’t been written in this past week, I’m making it the highlight of the week nonetheless.

Also, as a quick sidenote, the only way I could find a list of the posts in a chronological order was via the search function. Enjoy.

Course – LS – All

Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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