1. Spring and Java

>> Time for pudding… and another Panama update [openjdk.org]

With JEP 434 integrated into Java 20, let’s have some updates about the progress of Project Panama.

>> Java 20: Colossal Sparse Memory Segments [minborgsjavapot.com]

Allocating 64 TB of data on a laptop: memory segments larger than physical RAM and even hard disk space. Interesting

Also worth reading:

Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical & Musings

>> YugabyteDB Connection Pooling [vladmihalcea.com]

Overhead of acquiring a new connection when using YugabyteDB and why connection pooling is mandatory for performance.

>> There Is No Software Maintenance [henrikwarne.com]

And a good read on how modern software development does not have the two phases of development and maintenance. 

Also worth reading:

3. Comics

>> Why Left Last Company [dilbert.com]

>> Raise Less Than Inflation [dilbert.com]

>> Crypto Hobo [dilbert.com]

4. Pick of the Week

>> I’m a very slow thinker [sive.rs]

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