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1. Spring and Java

>> Why Clojure? []

With minimal syntax and grammar, Clojure is essentially a Lisp variant for the Java ecosystem. And a personal favorite.

>> HttpClient Executors []

Now that HttpClient is out of incubator stage in Java 11, there are some behavioral changes to be aware of – when it comes to setting executors.

>> Introduction to Spring MVC Test Framework []

A quick look at the key components of the framework and how to get started with it.

>> Pollution-Free Dependency Management with Gradle []

And a good way to future-proof your Gradle build against changes to transitive dependencies. Very cool.


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2. Technical and Musing

>> Scenarios using custom DSLs []

A few tips for writing your own custom DSLs to implement behavior-driven testing.

>> To Find a Niche, Learn Why Your Company Pays Your Salary []

No matter how you get the job done, in the end, it's all about how you're helping the company make or save money.

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3. Comics

>> Inexperienced Employee Advice []

>> Wally Writes Fiction []

>> Skipping Teambuilding []

4. Pick of the Week

>> The Attention Diet []

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