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I decided to start the year with a new concept for baeldung – a Weekly Review.

I consume a lot of content (via RSS – which is alive and well), and this is a curated list of the best stuff I've read this week – a handful of articles that are well worth reading (in no particular order).

On Spring

=> Spring – Change transaction isolation level example

If you've ever seen this message: “Standard JPA does not support custom isolation levels” – than this will definitly be of interest, as it goes over the low level details of creating a custom dialect to deal with changing the isolation level in JPA. I haven't tried this yet myself, but I'm planning to give it a go soon.

=> Using jOOQ with Spring: Configuration

An extensive run-through for setting up the fluent jOOQ with Spring – this is the first of an ongoing series.

On Java

=> Java Tuples

I've been using Java tuples a lot in recent years, mainly the implementation from commons-lang3 – the Pair and the more recent Triple, as they often provide a clean ad-hoc abstraction. So this is quite an interesting read.


=> How to spot a Hypermedia Client App

An insightful and very useful article going into what REST and the HATEOAS constraint means for client application – and how to spot a well written client from one that treats REST as RPC or plain CRUD over HTTP.

=> Strengthening HTTP: A Personal View

This is something that needs to be read back to back if you're doing any kind of work with/over HTTP. Nuff said.


General Musings

=> Healthy benefits for the long run

A random find over on SVN – but a great read nonetheless – it goes into structuring a benefit plan for the long game.


And that's it – I hope you found something new and interesting in this roundup.

Please let me know if you have any kind of feedback to improve it or things you'd like to see here.


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Get started with Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2, through the Learn Spring course:

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