1. Spring and Java

>> Multiple ways to configure Spring [blog.frankel.ch]

A practical guide on different approaches to configure Spring applications: from files to config classes to Kotlin DSLs!

>> JDK 18: Code Snippets in Java API Documentation [marxsoftware.com]

No more unreadable pre tags in Javadocs – Java 18 will ship the new snippet tag to include code snippets.

>> VMware Overhauls Spring 6 & Spring Boot 3 for Another Decade [infoq.com]

Exciting plans that shape the future of Spring, Spring Boot, and the Java ecosystem: Java 17 baseline, JPMS, native executables, observability, and a lot more

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2. Technical

>> Netflix Cloud Packaging in the Terabyte Era [netflixtechblog.com]

How Netflix supports inspecting, encoding, and packaging of media content at terabytes scale.

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3. Musings

>> Atomic Habits in Software Development [reflectoring.io]

A few pieces of advice to perfect the workflow and achieve peak productivity for software engineers.

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4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Zoom Tips 2 [dilbert.com]

>> Cracked Phone Screen [dilbert.com]

>> True Nature Of Reality [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> SnykCon is coming up [snyk.io]

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