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Expanded Audience – Frontegg – Security (partner)
announcement - icon User management is very complex, when implemented properly. No surprise here.

Not having to roll all of that out manually, but instead integrating a mature, fully-fledged solution - yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
That's basically what Frontegg is - User Management for your application. It's focused on making your app scalable, secure and enjoyable for your users.
From signup to authentication, it supports simple scenarios all the way to complex and custom application logic.

Have a look:

>> Elegant User Management, Tailor-made for B2B SaaS

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Here's a handy list of all my 2014 weekly reviews. Learned a lot about curation and picking the most helpful stuff I read this year:

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 1

Interesting articles from week 1 of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 2

My takeaways from the 2nd week of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 3

Some great Spring, Security and REST articles from the 3rd week of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 4

Some great Spring, Security and REST articles from the 4th week of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 5

Week 5 review – really good articles on HTTP and REST this week, among other things.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 6

Another great set of articles out in the 2nd week of February – covering the whole spectrum – Security, Performance testing, patterns and a few other subjects.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 7

Quite some useful articles this week – and a few must reads, if you’re doing any non-trivial development.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 8

The 8th weekly review, going wide from the design of a new Hypermedia type to best practices on Unit Testing, and a slew of Spring releases.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 9

The 9h weekly review starts with the usual Spring releases and great webminars, API architecture and testing resources.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 10

Great week with lots of articles – from TDD, Software Development attitude, the Circuit Breaker pattern (good one to know) and Programmer Podcasts.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 11

The week when Java 8 came out – a few good Java 8 articles, some resources on Continuous Delivery and TDD that you should not miss, and an exciting HTTP(S) development.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 12

The highlights of this week include the second installment of a great TDD video series, a host of Spring releases and webinars, and of course some solid Java 8 resources.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 13

This week is all about systems in production – starting with a couple of great articles about making sense of log files, real-time analytics and a pragmatic view on reporting.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 14

This week was packed full of Java 8 articles, a few testing gems and some well researched analyses of production issues.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 15

The highlights of this week are some great Java 8 usage of lambdas and concurrency improvements, a few helpful Spring posts and a handful of fantastic articles in the “Musings” section.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 16

This week is all about series and Spring, as well as a back and forth about refactoring as waste and a good start for a set of generic acceptance criteria.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 17

An solid week for both Java and Spring, as well as very good article (and followup) on building a Hypermedia service from the well known FizzBuzz interview problem.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 18

This week is definitely about testing – TDD, Unit Testing and the new test support in the upcoming Spring Security 4.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 19

This week we talk about language and API design nuances, Two-Factor authentication, passwords, and of course testing and TDD.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 20

Lots of resources this week about TDD, live testing of external services, design and Java 8 – a solid week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 21

An interesting week with some cool Spring Security 4 preview articles and the results of the “Capture the Bitcount” bug bounty.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 22

An interesting week with quite a mixed sample of solid articles being published – Spring, Java, Hibernate and Testing resources.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 23

This week we discuss the HTTP/1.1 spec update (5 years in the works), some recordings and upcoming Spring webinars and clean testing.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 24

This has been quite a diverse week – we saw some Spring work on caching and Spring Data and some great testing articles dealing with fixtures and design.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 25

Spring centric week with some good steps forward for the community – new Spring IO platform, moving to StackOverflow and a few solid webinar recordings.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 26

Java modularity is getting some attention this week, along with a very pragmatic alternative to the “Big Rewrite” of a software system – definitely a good week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 27

Spring Releases galore this week, but also some great Java 8 articles and my favorite podcast recommendation right now.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 28

This week was packed with value – from 2 very cool Spring Data new features to a few good usecases of Java 8. A very good week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 29

A diverse week with a first look at Spring 4.1, the new Servlet 4 draft spec being proposed and some good thoughts on testing.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 30

Diverse week full of solid articles on Spring, Java 8, testing, BDD and risk management – a lot of interesting articles in here.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 31

An interesting week – a Java bug got out and got contained, some cool Spring apps are being build and a quick solution to an interview problem that can fit in a tweet.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 32

Solid week with the new RC2 of Spring 4.1, the Chess TDD series final post and a fantastic writeup on what it means to implement microservices as a team.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 33

A strong week for the Java/Spring ecosystem – new Java 9 JEPs announced, a REST API being built and some good thoughts on testing.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 34

This week we’re looking at Spring Boot articles, some solid insights into learning and staying relevant as an engineer and of course – XKCD genius.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 35

Spring 4.1 is out this week, along with some cool predictions of the next Java Random and some pragmatic musings about testing and goal setting. A good week all in all.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 36

An interesting Java focused week, as well as a few Spring announcement and a lot of talk around persistence in general and Hibernate in particular.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 37

The longest weekly review since January – lots of great Java and Spring articles, interesting testing pieces and some good comics.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 38

Quick and to the point review this week – a solid JUnit tutorial series, a great article on persistence – specifically on long update operations and one my favorite XKCD series.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 39

Some interesting discussions this week on microservices and solid testing tactics for working with legacy code.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 40

Some solid articles this week, on code coverage (being a useless metric), interesting JSON Patch Spring experiments and a new installment in the Chess TDD Series.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 41

Wide array of articles from HTTP/2 moving forward, through using testing as the main driver of your design and to the useful lessons in Microservices.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 42

A week about Agile, building communities and patch operations in Spring – so not a bad week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 43

This week is definitely Spring heavy – lot of solid Spring Boot pieces that show how the framework is maturing. Some interesting JVM articles as well.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 44

This was quite a week and so we have an interesting roundup. Lots of solid Java and Spring articles as well as some other useful pieces on leadership and affecting positive change.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 45

This week was all about the next version of Java – the language is definitely not standing still. That and a host of useful Spring replays from SpringOne.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 46

This week we got some visibility into Java 9, a great microservice deck and tips and tricks for using thread pools.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 47

Lot happening in Java land – starting with how to understand and tune your severs. Some very interesting uses of Spring Boot and the new Spring Session project.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 48

A long list of solid pieces this week, starting with some good practices for non-trivial Java projects, to more JDK 9 news and a lot of cool Spring stuff being released.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 49

One of the more eventful weeks of the year, with some fantastic Spring Boot pieces (and new releases), musings on CQRF and a good read on Flexibility vs Simplicity.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 50

JDK 9 modularization news, Java 8 streams and Spring Boot – what more can you expect from a good week like this one?

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 51

A quiet week with a few good articles but not a whole lot of activity overall. Also the last review of 2014 – enjoy this one.

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