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Here’s a handy list of all my 2014 weekly reviews. Learned a lot about curation and picking the most helpful stuff I read this year:

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 1

Interesting articles from week 1 of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 2

My takeaways from the 2nd week of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 3

Some great Spring, Security and REST articles from the 3rd week of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 4

Some great Spring, Security and REST articles from the 4th week of 2014.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 5

Week 5 review – really good articles on HTTP and REST this week, among other things.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 6

Another great set of articles out in the 2nd week of February – covering the whole spectrum – Security, Performance testing, patterns and a few other subjects.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 7

Quite some useful articles this week – and a few must reads, if you’re doing any non-trivial development.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 8

The 8th weekly review, going wide from the design of a new Hypermedia type to best practices on Unit Testing, and a slew of Spring releases.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 9

The 9h weekly review starts with the usual Spring releases and great webminars, API architecture and testing resources.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 10

Great week with lots of articles – from TDD, Software Development attitude, the Circuit Breaker pattern (good one to know) and Programmer Podcasts.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 11

The week when Java 8 came out – a few good Java 8 articles, some resources on Continuous Delivery and TDD that you should not miss, and an exciting HTTP(S) development.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 12

The highlights of this week include the second installment of a great TDD video series, a host of Spring releases and webinars, and of course some solid Java 8 resources.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 13

This week is all about systems in production – starting with a couple of great articles about making sense of log files, real-time analytics and a pragmatic view on reporting.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 14

This week was packed full of Java 8 articles, a few testing gems and some well researched analyses of production issues.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 15

The highlights of this week are some great Java 8 usage of lambdas and concurrency improvements, a few helpful Spring posts and a handful of fantastic articles in the “Musings” section.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 16

This week is all about series and Spring, as well as a back and forth about refactoring as waste and a good start for a set of generic acceptance criteria.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 17

An solid week for both Java and Spring, as well as very good article (and followup) on building a Hypermedia service from the well known FizzBuzz interview problem.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 18

This week is definitely about testing – TDD, Unit Testing and the new test support in the upcoming Spring Security 4.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 19

This week we talk about language and API design nuances, Two-Factor authentication, passwords, and of course testing and TDD.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 20

Lots of resources this week about TDD, live testing of external services, design and Java 8 – a solid week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 21

An interesting week with some cool Spring Security 4 preview articles and the results of the “Capture the Bitcount” bug bounty.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 22

An interesting week with quite a mixed sample of solid articles being published – Spring, Java, Hibernate and Testing resources.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 23

This week we discuss the HTTP/1.1 spec update (5 years in the works), some recordings and upcoming Spring webinars and clean testing.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 24

This has been quite a diverse week – we saw some Spring work on caching and Spring Data and some great testing articles dealing with fixtures and design.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 25

Spring centric week with some good steps forward for the community – new Spring IO platform, moving to StackOverflow and a few solid webinar recordings.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 26

Java modularity is getting some attention this week, along with a very pragmatic alternative to the “Big Rewrite” of a software system – definitely a good week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 27

Spring Releases galore this week, but also some great Java 8 articles and my favorite podcast recommendation right now.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 28

This week was packed with value – from 2 very cool Spring Data new features to a few good usecases of Java 8. A very good week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 29

A diverse week with a first look at Spring 4.1, the new Servlet 4 draft spec being proposed and some good thoughts on testing.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 30

Diverse week full of solid articles on Spring, Java 8, testing, BDD and risk management – a lot of interesting articles in here.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 31

An interesting week – a Java bug got out and got contained, some cool Spring apps are being build and a quick solution to an interview problem that can fit in a tweet.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 32

Solid week with the new RC2 of Spring 4.1, the Chess TDD series final post and a fantastic writeup on what it means to implement microservices as a team.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 33

A strong week for the Java/Spring ecosystem – new Java 9 JEPs announced, a REST API being built and some good thoughts on testing.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 34

This week we’re looking at Spring Boot articles, some solid insights into learning and staying relevant as an engineer and of course – XKCD genius.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 35

Spring 4.1 is out this week, along with some cool predictions of the next Java Random and some pragmatic musings about testing and goal setting. A good week all in all.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 36

An interesting Java focused week, as well as a few Spring announcement and a lot of talk around persistence in general and Hibernate in particular.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 37

The longest weekly review since January – lots of great Java and Spring articles, interesting testing pieces and some good comics.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 38

Quick and to the point review this week – a solid JUnit tutorial series, a great article on persistence – specifically on long update operations and one my favorite XKCD series.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 39

Some interesting discussions this week on microservices and solid testing tactics for working with legacy code.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 40

Some solid articles this week, on code coverage (being a useless metric), interesting JSON Patch Spring experiments and a new installment in the Chess TDD Series.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 41

Wide array of articles from HTTP/2 moving forward, through using testing as the main driver of your design and to the useful lessons in Microservices.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 42

A week about Agile, building communities and patch operations in Spring – so not a bad week.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 43

This week is definitely Spring heavy – lot of solid Spring Boot pieces that show how the framework is maturing. Some interesting JVM articles as well.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 44

This was quite a week and so we have an interesting roundup. Lots of solid Java and Spring articles as well as some other useful pieces on leadership and affecting positive change.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 45

This week was all about the next version of Java – the language is definitely not standing still. That and a host of useful Spring replays from SpringOne.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 46

This week we got some visibility into Java 9, a great microservice deck and tips and tricks for using thread pools.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 47

Lot happening in Java land – starting with how to understand and tune your severs. Some very interesting uses of Spring Boot and the new Spring Session project.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 48

A long list of solid pieces this week, starting with some good practices for non-trivial Java projects, to more JDK 9 news and a lot of cool Spring stuff being released.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 49

One of the more eventful weeks of the year, with some fantastic Spring Boot pieces (and new releases), musings on CQRF and a good read on Flexibility vs Simplicity.

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 50

JDK 9 modularization news, Java 8 streams and Spring Boot – what more can you expect from a good week like this one?

>> Baeldung Weekly Review 51

A quiet week with a few good articles but not a whole lot of activity overall. Also the last review of 2014 – enjoy this one.

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