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Let’s see what mid February has in store for us – surprisingly or not – a lot of good things.

On Java

=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: Map Enhancements

Good introduction of new APIs that are going to be available for Map in Java 8 – some previously verbose operations have just become simple.

=> Java 8 Performance Improvements: LongAdder vs AtomicLong

Java 8 will bring some nice performance improvements for multithreading – some real world numbers.

=> Free Java Profiling with Oracle Java Mission Control

Going beyond VisualVM – this is a real world example of the immense value of profiling your code.

=> Java 8 Cheatsheet

Useful little Java 8 cookbook for lambda syntax.

=> Mockito: Why You Should Not Use InjectMocks Annotation to Autowire Fields

Insightful analysis of using Mockito @InjectMocks to wire in mock dependencies (vs. clean explicit declaration). The author that originally wrote about injecting mocks has also reconsidered his original view on this.

On Spring

=> Webinar Replay: Introduction to Apache Tomcat 8

This needs little introduction – if you’re doing any work with Tomcat, it’s definitely worth an hour of your time.

=> Chaining URL View resolvers in Spring MVC

Work around the limitations of the standard InternalResourceViewResolver to get a deterministic order on the resolution process.


=> Cleaning Up Your Build

Having one must read article each week is becoming a thing for these weekly reviews.

This is the one this week – there have been a few very good articles – but this one really hits home. Wholly recommended.

=> Interface Segregation Principle: A Practical Example

A funny anecdotal tale on the merits of Interface Segregation. Segregate people!

=> Session-based Logging

This is becoming a good resource for logging and testing articles – another good article on getting the most out of your logging information.

=> A beginner’s guide to Git feature branches

Contributing to an open source project is something of an experience first time you do it. This will help get you started.

General Musings

=> AlienatingAtmosphere

Very interesting read for a little bit of perspective about our ecosystem.


As I mentioned before – my plan for these reviews is to give you my own perspective of the best handful of articles to read that week.

If you have any suggestions on what I should read, to potentially include into the next review, drop me a line in the comments.

Also, if you feel that I missed a gem that came out this week, also let me know – these articles are editable at the end of the day.

Have a great week.


Course – LS – All
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Get started with Spring Boot and with core Spring, through the Learn Spring course:


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