Second week of January – second Weekly Review – let's go right into the findings for this week.

On Spring

=> Using jOOQ with Spring: Code Generation

This is the second installment of the series on jOOQ with Spring – looking at code generation.

On Java

=> The art of benchmarking

Discussion on a previous simplistic Java vs NodeJS benchmark – learn how to think about the performance of your system.

=> Useful JVM Flags – Part 8 (GC Logging)

Last article of a really good series on JVM tuning.

=> WebSocket and Java

Nice intro to the concept of WebSocket – support for this is still being build, but it's well worth understanding as it opens up a diverse array of possibilities in client-server communication.


Martin Fowler has a very nice deck discussing Code Refactoring in the context of TDD.

=> Branch By Abstraction

Yet another article by Martin Fowler, giving a name and a proper definition to a practice many have been doing for years.

General Musings

=> Dijkstra on Haskell and Java

This is a letter Dijkstra wrote in 2001 – if you read only one of the articles this week – read this one!

=> Stop chopping yourself to pieces

On allowing yourself to have great ideas – a good (and short) read.


This was a good week in terms of useful reading – lots of little nuggets and great material – and definitely Quality over Quantity.

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