1. Spring and Java

>> Gathering the Streams [inside.java]

Missing intermediate operations in the Stream API, and how to use an extensible operation to bridge the gap.

>> Building intelligent Spring Apps with Azure OpenAI [spring.io]

A practical example of how to query information with a natural language interface. Interesting.

>> JEP 441: Transforming Java with Pattern Matching for switch [infoq.com]

And Java 21 will be shipped with the final release of pattern matching: a significant leap from the traditional switch statements and expressions. Very cool.

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Building Boba AI: Some lessons and patterns learnt in building an LLM-powered generative application [martinfowler.com]

Some lessons and patterns learned in building an LLM-powered generative application.

>> We have left the cloud [world.hey.com]

Significant cost savings by leaving the cloud! or how they migrated seven applications out of the Cloud in just six months.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule [paulgraham.com]

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