1. Spring and Java

>> Spring Boot 3.0 Goes GA [spring.io]

Long awaited Spring Boot version is here! Oh-so-many goodies, all based on Java 17, better native support, and quite a lot more to explore!

>> Spring Integration 6.0 goes GA [spring.io]

Also, meet Spring Integration 6: based on Java 17, supporting AOT and GraalVM, enhanced instrumentation, and Jakarta EE 10.

>> Reactive CRUD Performance: A Case Study [quarkus.io]

On the tricky nature of benchmarks: step by step on how to improve a benchmark to go from 1 RPS to 26K RPS!

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Web caching [blog.frankel.ch]

An exhaustive catalogue of the different ways one can improve performance by caching: client-side, browser, and server-side. An interesting read.

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4. Comics

>> Survivor’s Guilt [dilbert.com]

>> Business As Usual [dilbert.com]

>> Dogbert Helps With Layoffs [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly [hynek.me]

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