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1. Spring and Java

>> Monitor and troubleshoot Java applications and services with Datadog

Optimize performance with end-to-end tracing and out-of-the-box support for popular Java frameworks, application servers, and databases. Try it free.

>> Code First Java 9 Tutorial []

Java 9 updates condensed into a single practical guide – super useful.

>> Reactive emoji tracker with WebClient and Reactor: consuming SSE []

>> Reactive emoji tracker with WebClient and Reactor: aggregating data []

A very interesting series showcasing how powerful reactive implementations can be.

>> EE4J: An Update []

A quick overview of the transfer and rebranding process of Java EE inside the Eclipse Foundation – if you want to keep track of what's going on there.

>> Effective debugging with breakpoints []

Back to debugging basics – certainly one of the more powerful skills you can build as a Java developer.

>> Java Magazine: Reactive Programming []

The reactive paradigm is finding its stride, no doubt about it.

Also worth reading:

Lot's of fantastic presentations this week:

And a few solid releases:

2. Technical and Musings

>> How Long is Long Enough? Minimum Password Lengths by the World's Top Sites []

A quick, interesting look at what minimum password rules are out there, in the wild. Quite interesting.

>> Positioning Strategy for the Aspiring Consultant []

Doing consulting well is a long and complex journey. Speaking out of my own experience – it's well worth it.

Also worth reading:

3. Pick of the Week

This week, I'm picking Datadog, the first sponsor I accepted for the Java Weekly newsletter (ever).

I soft-launched the sponsorships six months ago and refused a handful of companies up until this point – for various reasons (mainly because I wasn't convinced by their products).

I hadn't tried Datadog before, but I've used a lot of other APM solutions out there, so I knew what to expect. I've been playing with their system for a week now and I'm more than happy to have them as the first official sponsor.

It's a solid, super mature solution, it's actually useful from the very start, without me having to spend a full day setting it up, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

So, they're my pick for this week.

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