1. Spring and Java

>> Java 21: Performance Improvements Revealed [minborgsjavapot.blogspot.com]

In Java 21, old code might run significantly faster due to recent internal performance optimizations made in the Java Core Libraries. Always good to see performance getting better.

>> Measuring compact strings memory savings [javaspecialists.eu]

How much memory would we save by replacing char[] with byte[] in Strings? Let’s see the impact of JEP 254 in action.

>> Mockito 5 Supports Mocking Constructors, Static Methods and Final Classes Out of the Box [infoq.com]

It might not be the best thing in the testing world, but finally, we can mock static methods and final classes with Mockito. 

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Consider All Microservices Vulnerable — And Monitor Their Behavior [kubernetes.io]

Beware of a false sense of securitysometimes, we might end up with vulnerable microservices even when following best practices.

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3. Comics

>> Wally Collects Money [dilbert.com]

>> AI Org Chart [dilbert.com]

>> Unfair Performance Reviews [dilbert.com]

4. Pick of the Week

>> We Should Stop Trying to Make Scrum Fit for Every Situation [ageling.substack.com]

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