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1. Spring and Java

>> What Future Java Might Look Like []

The plans for Java beyond version 9 are very interesting and clearly quite ambitious. Some huge features in the works.

>> Another post-processor for Spring Boot []

Some fun digging into internal of Spring (and Spring Boot), going beyond using the framework and towards actually understanding it.

>> Spring Kafka Producer/Consumer sample []

Clean and to the point examples introducing Spring Kafka.

>> (J)Unit Testing Principles []

Quick post going over some of the foundations of unit testing. This is not ground-breaking stuff, but these are exactly the things that are so often overlooked.

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Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical

>> ValueObject []

Getting back to basics, especially on things we think we understand, is almost always a good idea.

These concepts are foundational for a reason – we build everything else on top of them, so it’s well worth having clarity when we look at the building blocks of our work.

>> How to run Continuous Integration on EC2 without breaking the bank []

A solid guide to setting up a CI pipeline on EC2 in a way that makes economical sense. Lots of good stuff here, especially as you scale.

>> Most popular relational databases – 2016 edition []

This kind of field data is always interesting to give us a sense of what the overall market looks like.

>> Continuous Delivery Patterns: Building your application inside a Docker container []

The way we’re building a CD pipeline now has certainly changed from the way we used to do it just a few years ago. And Docker was certainly a big part of data, along with the newer DSLs in Jenkins.

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3. Musings

>> How to be productive (as a developer) []

Lots of good advice here on how to get productive as a developer. “Throw away the mouse” is hard to follow, fantastic advice.

>> Resolving Conflict []

Conflict is one of those things you’d rather not worry about.

But, as I’m growing a team, that’s not really an option – so it’s worth giving it some real though and having an intelligent approach to dealing with it (rather than a gut reaction).

>> How to Deliver Software Projects on Time []

There’s a question that doesn’t have a simple answer. Which of course doesn’t mean we should stop trying to get better at the process.

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4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> It makes me uncomfortable when they enjoy working []

>> Security Standards []

>> I hope I’m not the only one who joined this group just for the laughs []

5. Pick of the Week

>> The Perfect Morning Routine (Backed by Science) []

Course – LS – All

Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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