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I just announced the new Learn Spring course, focused on the fundamentals of Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2:


At the very beginning of last year, I decided to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung. Haven't missed a review since.

Here we go…

1. Spring and Java

>> Reactor Core 2.5 becomes a unified Reactive Foundation on Java 8 []

The focus and the driving force behind Spring 5 is clearly going to be reactive programming.

So, if you're doing Spring work, definitely have a quick read and see how the ecosystem is growing and what you can do with the new infrastructure.

>> Java app monitoring with ELK – Part I []

I've been using the ELK stack for logging visualization and analysis for over two years now and it has definitely been one of the nicer and more useful tools I'm working with. There's so much you can do with clean, rich logging info and a good analysis tool on top of all that data.

>> Jigsaw Finally Arrives in JDK 9 []

Modularity finally made it into the JDK 9 builds – time to play.

>> Caching de luxe with Spring and Guava []

A long, slightly weird but ultimately interesting read on actually using caching in real-world scenarios, not just setting it up in a toy project

>> Ceylon Might Just be the Only (JVM) Language that Got Nulls Right []

A nice way Ceylon handles and works with nulls. If you're a language aficionado and you haven't done any work in Ceylon before, definitely have a read.

>> Java EE 8 MVC: Working with bean parameters []

The exploration of Java EE 8 goes on, this time with mapping bean parameters in an MVC style application.

>> When to write setters []

A back-to-basic kind of writeup with the benefit of real-world experience.

>> Adding Type Inference to Java: Good or Evil? []

>> Java May Adopt (Really Useful) Type Inference at Last []

A bit of a deeper look into the newly proposed JEP that may add type inference to the Java language.

Also worth reading:

Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical and Musings

>> The Most Important Code Metrics You’ve Never Heard Of []

Developer productivity is a unsurprisingly very difficult to measure. Putting that aside though – definitely keep track of some of the metrics this writeup talks about – they're highly useful when determining the overall health of your codebase.

>> Trackers []

A concerning (and funny) read about the tracking and data driven culture we're all living in.

>> 10 Lessons from 10 Years of Amazon Web Services [] and >> Ten Years in the AWS Cloud – How Time Flies! []

10 years of running one of the more complex systems, highly distributed systems yielded some very interesting lessons.

>> Impressions from Voxxed Days Bucharest 2016 []

This was definitely a well put together event and I enjoyed speaking about Event Sourcing and meeting a whole lot of cool people.

>> The First Winter []

A quick writeup but rich in takeaways. These little things do add up to a good culture.

>> Writing Tests Doesn’t Have to Be Extra Work []

Done right, tests can and will definitely speed you up – once you get through the productivity hit that does usually occur in the first few weeks after picking up TDD.

>> Firing People []

A long and personal read that I'm including in the review just because I enjoy Zachs writing.

>> The Trouble with Career Sites []

And since the last article was about firing people, let's now look at hiring and be brutally honest about the process and what works and doesn't work.

Also worth reading:

3. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week (absolutely hilarious):


>> An internet hoax []

>> It's sort of an abusive relationship? []


4. Pick of the Week

>> How GitHub Works: Be Asynchronous []


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I just announced the new Learn Spring course, focused on the fundamentals of Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2:

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Tito George
Tito George
4 years ago

>> Java app monitoring with ELK – Part I –> Link not working.
Seems like it is renamed to

Eugen Paraschiv
4 years ago
Reply to  Tito George

Hey Tito – thanks for the heads up – the link is now good.

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