1. Spring and Java

>> FFM API Goes Final! [inside.java]

Java 21 was full of strong new features… and here goes another one for Java 22.

>> Quality Outreach Heads-up – JDK 22: Annotation Processing Behavior Change [inside.java]

And, another important change coming: annotation processing will be disabled by default.

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2. Technical & Musings

>> How to batch INSERT statements with MySQL and Hibernate [vladmihalcea.com]

Batching INSERTS with Hibernate can be trickier than expected.

>> In the defence of Object-Relational Mappers [event-driven.io]

In the light of recent surge of ORM criticism, it’s refreshing to see the other point of view.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> LeetCode-style algorithms in interviews suck [devdetails.com]

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