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The Weekly Review on Baeldung is a curated list of the best stuff I read each week – a handful of articles that are well worth reading (in no particular order).

With the final weekly review of February – hold on to your hat!

On Spring

We’ll start strong with a lot of Spring official resources:

=> Session Timeout and Concurrent Session Control with Spring Security and Spring-MVC

Good look into the Spring Security options for managing sessions.

=> Tracking Application Exceptions With Spring

An interesting discussion about monitoring an application – and building a quick and custom tool to proactively monitor logs. Funny to.

On Java

=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: Easy-as-Pie Local Caching

A look into how Map can be used as a local cache in Java 8 – using the new computeIfAbsent atomic operation and the lambda support.

=> Caching best practices

Inspired by the previous article – Vlad talks through some great insights about caching. I wish I would have read the first part of this post 8 years ago when I was starting out – it would have saved me a bit of time.

=> JUnit ExpectedException rule: beyond basics

If you’ve been dealing with exceptions in JUnit tests manually – using rules is a good step forward, as it eliminates a long of cruft and unnecessary code.

=> How to Eliminate Bugs Through High Cohesion

Example driven discussion about growing and evolving an API – as opposed to trying to get it right from the get go. Read this if you’re building any kind of API (you probably are even if you don’t know it).

=> HOW-TO: Test dependencies in a Maven project (JUnit, Mocito, Hamcrest, AssertJ)

A nice short introduction to going beyond JUnit with additional testing libraries (and Maven).


=> Increase mobile performances by implementing transparent redirects

The concept of a transparent redirect – and the interesting idea of potentially extending the HTTP spec with a new redirect status.

=> 10 lsof command usages with example – Unix/Linux

Useful to have it your back pocket.

General Musings

=> We Need More Foremen

A great answer to a well intentioned but somewhat limited perspective on teams and good software development. This cuts right to the heart of the problem – on a healthy team, everyone should take responsibility.

Keeping with tradition, if you read one single article out of this weeks review – this is the one you should read!

=> Choosing Secure Passwords

A good in-depth discussion about choosing and administering your passwords – a lot to learn from this article.

=> Define An API By Consuming It

Thinking your way correctly through the decisions you’re building and growing an API is a very useful skill to have. TDD will get you half way there – but ultimately the right frame of mind is very useful when deciding the abstractions and the responsibilities of your own API.

I’ve been picking a lot of API articles lately – mainly because it’s so important to get yours right – which is, I think – a good way to end this one.

Course – LS – All

Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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