1. Spring and Java

>> Java 14 Feature Spotlight: Records [infoq.com]

A deep dive into the records preview feature with Java Language Architect Brian Goetz.

>> Multitenancy Applications with Spring Boot and Flyway [reflectoring.io]

A basic example of how to bind an incoming request to a tenant and its data source, with practical tips on managing multi-tenant database migrations.

>> How to map a PostgreSQL ARRAY to a Java List with JPA and Hibernate [vladmihalcea.com]

You'll need to update to version 2.9 of the Hibernate Types project to take advantage of this enhancement.

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Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical

>> TDD Classic State Based UI [blog.code-cop.org]

A practical application of TDD to heavyweight, state-based UI frameworks, using a Java Swing example.

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3. Musings

>> The Laboring Strategist, A Free-Agent Anti-Pattern (And How to Fix) [daedtech.com]

A intro to the certified Solo Content Marketer and its parallels to the freelance software engineer who fancies himself a consultant.

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4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Cancelled Presentation [dilbert.com]

>> Slide Deck Too Well Designed [dilbert.com]

>> Making The World A Better Place [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> You can have two Big Things, but not three [asmartbear.com]

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