1. Spring and Java

>> JDK 21: Image Performance Improvements [minborgsjavapot.com]

Interesting. A 10%+ improvement in Java 21 Image IO by using VarHandle constructs.

>> Microsoft OpenJDK Introduces Experimental Feature for Improving Escape Analysis [infoq.com]

Improving the performance of escape analysis in OpenJDK by increasing the opportunities for scalar replacement.

>> Express Hibernate Queries as Type-Safe Java Streams [quarkus.io]

And, meet JPAStreamer: expressing JPA queries as standard stream API chains with type safety as the cherry on top 🙂

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Scaling Media Machine Learning at Netflix [netflixtechblog.com]

How Netflix scales the Media ML infrastructure which includes ML-based VFX tooling, content-aware recommendations, and content enrichment.

>> Template for Efficient One-On-One Meetings [phauer.com]

Principles of great 1-1s: a set of suggestions to make the most out of one-on-one meetings.

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3. Comics

>> Motivating [dilbert.com]

>> Leadership Class Trap [dilbert.com]

>> Gaming Causes Violence [dilbert.com]

4. Pick of the Week

>> Rocks, Pebbles, Sand: How to use this in practice [asmartbear.com]

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