1. Java and Spring

>> Java 8 Friday: Most Internal DSLs are Outdated

A interesting take on deprecating existing DSLs in favor of using Java 8 and lambdas. I think that as a language evolves and incorporates more powerful construct, it makes a lot of sense to let go of some of the cruft. These libraries and quite a lot of patterns as well are – simply put – created to work around the limitations of the language. Most of them don’t exist in other languages, and it’s a good idea to move away from them in Java as well, now that we no longer have these limitations.
That being said, I like hamcrest – it’s going to be unfortunate to let it go.

>> Writing Clean Tests – Replace Assertions with a Domain-Specific Language

Petri’s series about clean code and good testing practices is going strong. This one is about moving away from the standard, data-centric assertions and towards a custom assertion DLS that makes your code a lot of readable.

>> Using new when.js 3.2.2 to build a front end for Spring Data REST

Building a front end for a REST API is a non-trivial task, and this article looks like a solid effort of doing just that.

>> Producing a SOAP web service

The first community written guide over on spring.io – Maciej wrote a solid and detailed article on building a SOAP service with the Spring web service support.

>> The minimal configuration for testing Hibernate

This is an intro to a simple Hibernate setup, and probably a first post in what is going to become a Hibernate centric series – and a course.

2. Technical

>> Chrome and Stale-While-Revalidate

Good read on where the HTTP protocol is going and how performance on the web should really improve once these mechanism will actually start getting used. It looks to me going first (once Chrome support is done) can be a competitive advantage shaving a few requests off your page load.

3. Musings

>> There is more to it than code

Part of growing up as a developer involves intuitively, doing things other than development. If this is obvious to you – no need to read the article, but if this is news, go on and have a read.

>> Armchair Tour Guides and Presenters

This isn’t going to be news to a lot of people – do think before you speak, especially in a public venue – but it was something I enjoyed reading, so here it is.

>> Starting to Unit Test: Not as Hard as You’d Think

An way into unit testing – if you’re a reader here and you’re not doing unit testing, this looks like a good way to finally get into it.

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