1. Spring and Java

>> Code Before super() – JEP 447 [javaspecialists.eu]

A revolution is coming to Java! Soon, you will be able to add custom code before a super() call 🙂

>> Java users on macOS 14 running on Apple silicon systems should skip macOS 14.4 and update directly to macOS 14.4.1 [oracle.com]

The situation got stable – Java now works correctly on Apple Silicon.

>> JEP targeted to JDK 23: 466: Class-File API (Second Preview) [openjdk.org]

It’s good to see JDK provide low-level public APIs. No more need for Unsafe!

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2. Technical & Musings

>> The xz Backdoor Should Not Happen Again [techblog.bozho.net]

This shouldn’t happen again, but if the approach towards open source doesn’t change, it probably will.

>> Fixing duplicate API requests [frankel.ch]

Distributed systems are fun until you realize that you always need to be ready to handle duplicate requests.

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3. Pick of the Week

Let’s dig into the Azure Spring Apps platform, built by Microsoft in collaboration with VMware:

>> Learn more and deploy your first Spring Boot app to Azure Spring Apps [microsoft.com]

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