At the very beginning of 2014 I decided to start better documenting my reading habits and sharing them here with all of you.

The point is two fold – by curating and documenting, my reading has become more purposeful and diverse. Also – I believe that curation of good content brings a lot of value, helps people explore and allows the best stuff to raise to the top.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these as we move in the latter half of 2014.

Here we go…

1. Java and Spring

>> Validation groups in Spring MVC

Validation groups for putting complex constraints around your data – always useful.

>> Generating equals(..), hashCode() and toString()

Simple overview of the way we handle the equals() and hashCode() implementations in our Java code.

>> The dark side of Hibernate AUTO flush

A deeper look at Hibernate flushing mechanism, warts and all. Sometimes Hibernate doesn’t play well with native SQL – and forcing it to do so is not the kind of thing you’d want around your clean codebase.

>> Spring Framework 4.1 RC2 Released

Very quickly after the RC1 a few weeks back, Spring 4.1 RC2 is out this week. The good bits are – better DI with the new @LookupMethod annotation, Hibernate 4 fixes, Protocol Buffers support and a host of other improvements.

>> Jquery Ajax Autosave Example in Spring Mvc

An interesting autosave example using Spring and Jquery – might come in useful.

2. Technical

>> Get Rid of the URL Pollution

A bit about making your URLs friendlier. I’m doing the same whenever I copy-paste an URL – I remove the analytics parameters and any other param that’s not vital to keep.

>> ChessTDD 12: Blind Alleys

Last piece of a very good series on TDD. I’ve been covering the series from day 1 here, and I fully recommend it to anyone that hasn’t yet fully embraced TDD as a daily practice.

The one thing I would have liked to seen happen with the series is it would have been great to see it as a payed product. For one – because I think it provides enough value to justify that, but more importantly, people tend to value something more if it’s not free.

3. Musings

>> Failing at Microservices. (Please avoid our mistakes!)

Fantastically helpful writeup about what it takes to do microservices right as a team – some of these points are all to familiar.

This is a honest look at a past project, the team the good and the bad – which is quite inspiring.

4. Comics

Last week I had some fun and included a comic into my weekly review. So this week I decided to have even more fun and dug through my comic bookmarks for the best stuff – there’s going to be a few in my weekly reviews.

Let’s start with the classics:

>> Real Programmers

>> Duty Calls

>> Devotion to Duty

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