Lots of interesting writeups on Java 9 this week.

Here we go…

1. Spring and Java

>> What’s new in JPA 2.2 – Java 8 Date and Time Types [vladmihalcea.com]

JPA 2.2 finally has the support for java.time.

>> Oracle Defends the Java Module System [infoq.com]

Oracle officially answers the JPMS controversy; and, the recent vote passed unanimously.

>> Kotlin's hidden costs – Benchmarks [sites.google.com]

Kotlin does have some additional overhead over core Java but surprisingly, some results are actually better than Java alternatives.

Also worth reading:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical

>> Get the Most out of Git Aliases [blog.codecentric.de]

Leveraging aliases in Git can drastically increase productivity 🙂

>> Getting Started with Contract Tests [blog.thecodewhisperer.com]

Long gone are the days when it was enough only write a couple types of tests. The testing ecosystem is now a lot more mature and fleshed out.

This is a good place to start understanding and getting into contract-testing.

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3. Musings

>> Exploring the Tech Debt In Your Codebase [daedtech.com]

Sitting down and calculating the technical debt of your codebase is a very worthwhile exercise to get some meaningful insight into the actual condition of the project.

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4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Don't hold back anything [dilbert.com]

>> Did you just forget to do it? [dilbert.com]

>> Describe our company culture [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> Goal Setting: A Scientific Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals [jamesclear.com]

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