1. Spring and Java

>> Exploring Java Records Beyond Data Transfer Objects [infoq.com]

Records can be used for way more than DTOs. Good to see Java evolve so fast!

>> Introducing the GraalVM Free License [blogs.oracle.com]

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise becomes simply Oracle GraalVM and will be available under Free License. Wow!

>> The Anatomy of a JVM [foojay.io]

It’s always a good idea to recall how things work – especially when it’s something that we use every day at work.

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Migrating Netflix to GraphQL Safely [netflixtechblog.medium.com]

Always good to read how major players execute operations like this.

>> The best way to use one-to-one table relationships [vladmihalcea.com]

One-to-one relationships might be more useful than you could have thought.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> The Complete Guide to Goal Setting (Backed by Science) [markmanson.net]

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