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Expanded Audience – Frontegg – Security (partner)
announcement - icon User management is very complex, when implemented properly. No surprise here.

Not having to roll all of that out manually, but instead integrating a mature, fully-fledged solution - yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
That's basically what Frontegg is - User Management for your application. It's focused on making your app scalable, secure and enjoyable for your users.
From signup to authentication, it supports simple scenarios all the way to complex and custom application logic.

Have a look:

>> Elegant User Management, Tailor-made for B2B SaaS

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We’re finally running a Black Friday launch. All Courses are 30% off until the end of this week:


Lots of interesting writeups on Spring stuff going on this week.

Let's jump right in…

1. Spring and Java

>> Spring Boot – Configure Log Level in Runtime Using Actuator Endpoint [codeleak.pl]

Starting with Spring Boot 1.5, we can configure log levels at runtime by performing simple POST requests.

>> 7 Tips and Tricks We Learned From the Java Community [takipi.com]

Community is a great source of knowledge 🙂

>> A use-case for Spring component scan [frankel.ch]

A quick refresher of how @ComponentScan works followed by a practical example.

>> Deep Dive into Java 9’s Stack-Walking API [sitepoint.com]

Java 9 includes a brand new Stack-Walking API that provides an access to the execution stack. Hopefully, we'll no longer need to hack our way through frames.

>> Public Review of JSON-P Specification 1.1 is Now Open [infoq.com]

Very cool – the JSON-P JSR-374 1.1 spec is now public.

>> Getting Started with Thymeleaf 3 Text Templates [codeleak.pl]

And a quick-start guide to templating with Thymeleaf 3.

>> The best way to soft delete with Hibernate [vladmihalcea.com]

With a little bit of effort, soft deletes are achievable with Hibernate.

Also worth reading:

Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical

>> Writing Integration Tests with Docker Compose and JUnit [codecentric.de]

A quick and practical guide to wiring Docker containers up for integration testing.

>> Be aware that bcrypt has a maximum password length [mscharhag.com]

It's good to remember that bcrypt has its limitations.

>> Continuous Delivery With Kubernetes, Docker, and CircleCI [alexecollins.com]

A presentation of a CD setup with Kubernetes, Docker, and CircleCI. Definitely a useful setup.

Also worth reading:

3. Musings

>> The Whiteboard Interview: Adulthood Deferred [daedtech.com]

Recent “whiteboard interviews” topic has sparked a lot of discussion about the efficiency of contemporary tech interviews.

>> On false negatives and false positives [ontestautomation.com]

A short write-up recalling the importance of fast identification of false negatives and false positives.

Also worth reading:

4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> I think I'll go add value somewhere else [dilbert.com]

>> Self-deprecating joke to underscore my true power [dilbert.com]

>> Big fan of low self-esteem [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> Why we choose profit [m.signalvnoise.com]

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We’re finally running a Black Friday launch. All Courses are 30% off until the end of this week:


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