1. Spring and Java

>> New candidate JEP: 456: Unnamed Variables and Patterns [inside.java]

Initialized but not used — using the underscore to represent unused variables, even outside of pattern types

>> New candidate JEP: 457: Class-File API (Preview) [openjdk.org]

Another inside baseball but interesting JEP – Class-file manipulation made easy.

A new accurate, complete, performant, and standard API for reading, writing, and transforming Java class files.

>> Testing virtual thread applications [quarkus.io]

And, detecting virtual thread pinning in Quarkus — printing stack traces and also fast-failing the tests when threads are pinned

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Is the Strategy Pattern an ultimate solution for low coupling? [event-driven.io]

Software engineering with an NBA theme 🙂 – a practical example of how to approach low coupling and high cohesion

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3. Pick of the Week

>> How Instagram scaled to 14 million users with only 3 engineers [engineercodex.substack.com]

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