1. Spring and Java

>> Spring Framework 6.0 goes GA [spring.io]

It’s been 5 years since Spring 5. Version 6 is out. Nuff said.

>> Go Native with Spring Boot 3 and GraalVM [blogs.oracle.com]

And, naturally, more about Spring 6 and Boot 3 this week 🙂

Also worth reading:

Webinars and presentations:

Time to upgrade:

2. Technical & Musings

>> The Distributed Computing Manifesto [allthingsdistributed.com]

Well worth a quick read.

>> Introduction to Fakes [petrikainulainen.net]

And a back-to-basics from Petri, all about a good testing toolbelt.

Also worth reading:

3. Pick of the Week

Running the very first Black Friday launch on Baeldung this year:

>> Black Friday Is Live for All My Courses

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