Learn Spring Security OAuth

The definitive guide to secure your application with OAuth2

Why Learn Spring Security?

The Java ecosystem is vast and quite mature, but when it comes to security, right now, in 2020, there's really no debate. If you're working on the security of your application, you're most likely using Spring Security. 

Simply put, the framework is able to handle everything you throw at it - from simple scenarios to highly complex, distributed security requirements. There are some OK alternatives, but nothing really comes close. 

Should I do OAuth?

There's a lot of confusion out there around what OAuth actually is.

So, before all the "deep-dives" into the advanced aspects of the standard - we're starting with the very basics, and we're building up a clear understanding of the protocol. 

It's critical to learn where OAuth fits well and is great solution, and in which scenarios you actually need to avoid it. 

And, once you know you're doing OAuth - you need to understand exactly how it works - to do it well. This is where this material gets interesting - the deep-dives.