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1. Spring and Java

>> Memory footprint of the JVM []

A nice write-up on heap vs non-heap memory, native memory areas, challenges of sizing the JVM, and how Spring minimizes its own memory footprint.

>> Spring DevTools with Jib and IntelliJ IDEA []

A quick look at how to leverage Spring DevTools without including it in production docker images built using the Maven Jib plugin. Very cool.

>> Conditional Beans with Spring Boot []

An overview of the annotations available for specifying conditions under which a bean should be loaded into the application context, along with sample use cases for each.

>> Why you should avoid EXTRA Lazy Collections with Hibernate []

And an under-the-hood look at EXTRA lazy mappings of ordered lists reveals N+1 query issues, which can quickly lead to performance problems.

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2. Technical and Musings

>> A walkthrough of DVC []

A good introduction to DVC, an open-source version control system for Machine Learning projects.

>> A Great Engineer Needs the Liberal Arts []

And a good write-up on the benefits of a liberal arts education and how its lessons can help us create great software.

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3. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Marketing Lies []

>> Employee Engagement Is Up []

>> Dilbert Feels Overwhelmed []

4. Pick of the Week

>> don’t get clever with login forms []

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